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At first I wasn’t sure how much of my real life I was going to share. But after talking with a couple of other companions whose opinions I trust, and who each came at this from different  directions, I decided that for me, sharing felt right
 I guess I ​can best be described as a small-town girl.  I grew up in the south (no I don’t still have an accent).  But while I love bonfires and mudding as much as any girl (lol), I was struck very early on in life with the travel bug  ​and a wanderlust​.  It's been my life and my love for almost all my adulthood. 
In one sense I'm stepping back from it.  In another,  I suppose I'm embracing it still.  But on my own terms, and a schedule of my own choosing.
I've lived a few places since I moved away from home.  But other than where I live now, I guess I was on the West Coast the longest;  San Francisco to be exact.  It was great fun.  But it was crazy expensive and the ocean out there is much colder than I expected.  So once the allure of sharing ​a ​t​o​o small ​rented ​condo with three​ other girls w​ore​ off a few years ago,  I moved back East (South Florida).  It was probably the best decision I've made to date.
I love it the lifestyle, the weather isn’t very different from where I grew up​, and it introduced me to ​the work I've been doing for the last several years.  The same work that I'm at the same time ready to say goodbye to, and a little conflicted about doing so.

So, what did I do before I dived into companionship head first? I worked as a stewardess.  No, not for an airline. But on luxury and super yachts​. Yes, the pay and tips were pretty good. But it was time for a change. ​


I made some great and and hopefully life long friends.  But I honestly ​think I got a little tired of the cattiness of some of the other ladies​ (and the I crewed with.  Plus I really​ am ​ tired of being away from home ​for such long stretches at a time.   I may go back to it someday. But for now, I’m ​stuck on dry land.​



I'm sure you're curious.  I would be too.  But keep in mind that I’ll never share specifics about on whose yachts or whose charters I crewed, or any details about their lives. Why?  Because discretion is as important in that field as it is in this one.  


But even in a very general sense, some of the stories I could tell are really interesting.   From the funny, to the outrageous, to the heartbreaking.  It definitely gives us something to talk about while we “recover”. Lol.

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