Now on to the good stuff...

I would say my bedroom personality is definitely shy and quiet as opposed to dominant.  I like to let my partner take control to a certain extent. But nothing crazy. I guess a good comparison would be you taking the lead in a waltz.
My favorite color is pink.  I like kittens.  Tennis is a passion. ​My favorite types of music are country and rock​ and my favorite performers/bands are Eric ​C​hurch, ​E​nya, ​S​lipknot, ​& ​Korn.
I enjoy chicken,  strawberry cheesecake, and a cold Mountain Dew.  That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a dry Chardonnay and an evening at the Capital Grille too.

​Physical Description

I am​:​  Athletic
Height​​: 5'4"

Weight​:​ 125
Bust​:​ 36​C​
Wais​t: ​24
Hips​: ​32
​Eye​s: Hazel
Ha​ir: ​Blonde
​Tattoos​: One, on my lower side.


Panties: ​Small
Dress: ​4/6
Heels:​ 7.5