Look below and you'll find a bedtime story; one that definitely wasn't written by Mother Goose ;-)
Take a few moments and read it. Doing so will give you an idea of the kind of experience I enjoy.  Hopefully it's the kind you enjoy as well.
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"...Paige  clearly knows her body well and enjoys it just as much.  I asked her for a little direction and she was happy to oblige.  She settled above me and straddled my face with her thighs.  Next came the subtle but eager strokes of her tongue up and down and all around my shaft.   We settled into a really nice pace...each of us pleasuring and being pleasured too.  


Suddenly her breaths seemed shallower, her thighs tensed, her head rolled back, and she began to cum.  With the power of her thighs she forced my face even deeper into her center.  It seemed to last forever.  It was delicious.  I was covered in her juices. Who cared that now  I could hardly breathe.   Next was my turn...well not exactly next because she was probably on her third by the time I had one.  She didn't miss a beat  When she said, "come for please, come for me" that was it.  I was through.


We cleaned up, relaxed, talked a little bit, cuddled, kissed.  I could have stayed like that all day but junior, as usual, has a mind of his own.  She noticed that my personal mini-me  was at full mast again and said , "God,  I can't believe how much I want you again".   


We practiced old fashioned mish, doggie, and a few things I don't the name of.  Paige does love having her rosebud colored nipples licked. There is no better sight than her bosom covered with little beads of perspiration or that of Paige's her beautiful face when she cums.


We both needed to recover after that.  I showered, we talked a little more while, and  we got dressed.  I was tempted to ask to extend for another ninety minutes but she'd already mentioned that she had plans with a friend. I will definitely see Paige again, and soon.  

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